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The CHAN Project is a newly forming nonprofit based in Snohomish County whose vision is to support individuals and families who are faced with grief and loss struggles due to substance use, mental and emotional unwellness, and other patterns that cause less than desirable outcomes, or day to day experiences that can cause heartache and grief through loss. Our programs are based on years of proven practices that include alternative and Eastern practices such as meditation, yoga, Reiki, and qigong, as well as art, journaling, grief circles, and opioid awareness programs.



To purposefully expand compassion, healing, and awareness by nurturing the spirit and expanding authenticity to all.


To create a safe volunteer peer-led environment where individuals can walk into spiritual, physical, and emotional fullness.  We envision a community that comes together to mend the hurts left from the effects of substances, trauma, pain, loss, or a lack of emotional connection.

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