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Healing Hearts Groups


Hope After Loss

Loss isn't only experienced through death.  There is a mourning process that occurs when we grieve  "what could have been", relationships that didn't remain, or jobs that were stripped too soon.  When our expectations, hopes, and dreams seem as if they've alluded us, we are left to process the pain they leave behind.  Our Healing Hearts Group is a safe place to be authentic with others who are experiencing all different kinds of loss. 

  • Small Groups - Due to Covid, we will limit the size of our Grief Circles in person.  We will follow safety precautions for masking and distancing but will meet in small rooms together.

  • Online - For those of you unable to get to one of our locations or not comfortable meeting in person, we offer our grief circles online as well through zoom platforms.

  • More information is coming soon on dates and locations for our groups!

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