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We can't wait to meet you!

CHAN Project is in its beginning stages and has a deep passion to meet the needs of the community that have either been overlooked or have simply been unreached.  Here at the CHAN Project, we are not only an organization but a family.  Our hearts have been set ablaze for our young people, those suffering from addiction or grief and loss, and the individuals seeking a safe place to find compassion, healing, awareness, and nurturing.  We are here to support those who find their emotions in a tumble from day to day, possibly sad one day, anxious another, those who might have lost a job, a relationship or more, because we understand that living in a time of a pandemic, one we've never experienced before, has brought upon us new ways of living and with it, new ways of suffering and new ways of healing today.  We understand the level of courage it takes to get involved in something new, and we can't be more honored by your willingness to join the family!


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