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Survival Tips for Grief


Keep Busy

You cannot dwell on your sorrow or your loss every waking moment. In the first flush of grief, you may feel you cannot control the extent of your suffering. But friends, activities, and other support can help to form a lifeline that gets you through the pain.



Keep a Journal

Some feelings may be too hard to speak aloud, like anger or regret; expressing them on paper can be freeing. Journal writing can serve as a release as well as a meaningful expression of yourself and allows a private way to work through the many emotions experienced during the journey of grief.



   Take Care of Yourself

Move your body. Walking, dancing, swimming, or whatever activity pleases you, can help you feel better. Through exercise, you build your physical strength, release tension, enliven yourself, and keep yourself well. As much as you can, eat well-balanced meals and get an adequate amount of sleep.



Be Willing to Change Things Around

It is natural to wish things were the way they were when our loved one was with us. Although loss is never easy to face, we need to remember we can go on with our lives. What it takes is paying attention to taking care of ourselves and our needs in the process.


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